What is a SWOT Analysis? And How to Use it to Edge Out the Competition

Having a clear business strategy is key and a SWOT analysis can deliver just that. If your strategy has taken a backseat a few years into your business, now’s the time for a refresh. Revitalizing your strategy and staying current could reveal new opportunities and help you strengthen your business. It can also help discover… Read more »

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How to Capitalize on Media Coverage: 11 Steps

media coverage

  So you nabbed a little PR, and it’s a thrill to hear about your company on the radio, or read about it in the paper! But don’t stop there. Capitalize on your media coverage, so that you don’t lose out on the compounding value of that great, free press when it comes your way. Here… Read more »

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Boost Your Social Media Profile With 4 New Instagram Features

Your Instagram business profile is set up, you’re posting regularly and engaging with followers… so what’s next? Keeping up to date with the latest Instagram trends and tools! New Instagram features continually offer fresh ways to reach target customers. The constant changes in social media keep us on our toes – and create opportunities to… Read more »

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7 Reasons Why You Need to Install Google Analytics NOW!

Reasons to Install Google Analytics

There are so many good reasons why taking the time to install Google Analytics code onto your website it is a good idea. Mainly – it will pay off with a boost to your top line. Why? Our top seven reasons why you need to install Google Analytics today. 1. Google Analytics is a free… Read more »

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Keyword Research: How It Can Drive Mad Traffic to Your Website

How can learning a bit about keyword research drive mad traffic to your business and make you more profitable? Imagine you’ve just put the finishing touches on your business website, or you’ve polished a new blog post. You’re a rock star at what you do, and your future clients will be lucky they found you. But first, they have… Read more »

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