Five Time-saving Tools to Save Five Hours a Week

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  I’ve never met an entrepreneur with extra time on their hands, and we here at ICM love time-saving tools. Every few minutes we can shave off of routine tasks means additional time available for building your business, spending with family, or recharging for another busy day. Here are five time-saving tools to save five… Read more »

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What Social Media Platform is best for your business?


How do you know which social media platform is right for you and your business? Having managed social media platforms for many clients, we know that spreading yourself too thin is not a good idea. Instead of being average on a lot of platforms, opt to be fabulous on just one. Then build from those… Read more »

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8 Non Technical Steps to Boost SEO: My Secrets


This post covers how to boost SEO (on the less technical, frontend side) without hiring someone to do it for you, although that’s a really good way to boost SEO quickly.

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How to Have a More Secure Website: 4 Simple Steps

            Programs that crack your passwords? YES! Bots that take down your servers? YES! Spam comments that overload your site? YES! Have you ever questioned how secure your website really is? Even if your website doesn’t receive a lot of traffic, make money through advertising, or have an ecommerce platform,… Read more »

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What is a Hashtag + Five Hashtag Tools

If you’re new to social media, you’ve probably noticed the use of a pound symbol with words after it. These are hashtags! So are #hashtag #401love and #yum. The use of hashtags is a way to collect similar content and also to grow followers for your social media channels. How powerful is a Hashtag? Twitter’s own… Read more »

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