How to Optimize Your Tripadvisor Page in 6 Easy Steps

Should you optimize your Tripadvisor page? Yes! Yes! AND Yes! Here’s why: Tripadvisor is a mega destination for travelers. The site receives 350 million uniques per month and 190 contributions a minute. A minute! So while getting your own website into top notch shape is important, learning how to optimize your Tripadvisor page is also… Read more »

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Amplify Your Twitter ROI With 5 New Twitter Rules

New Twitter rules make it even easier to get your message across, reach your customers, and amplify your Twitter ROI. These changes – which were announced mid-May 2016 and will take effect in coming months if they are not already live – are quick, simple and easy to digest. Take heed of them now and… Read more »

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Should You Advertise On Facebook?

Clients often ask us if they should advertise on Facebook. They want the best ROI for their money and have no shortage of options for where to advertise. Here is our answer. If you own or manage a B2C business, and if you know your ideal clients or customers are already on Facebook, and if you… Read more »

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How to Make Cold Calls Easy


What is the number one thing you hate doing? Is it cold calling? Our top nine tips to make cold calls easy.

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The DIY PR eBook That Will Change Your Life


                      I’m thrilled to share my recent SOLD OUT #NIMRI talk on how to get PR coverage for your brand and business that will give you easy, actionable steps you can start using today to get noticed. Even if you’re new to PR, this eBook… Read more »

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