How to Make Cold Calls Easy


What is the number one thing you hate doing? Is it cold calling? Our top nine tips to make cold calls easy.

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The DIY PR eBook That Will Change Your Life


                      I’m thrilled to share my recent SOLD OUT #NIMRI talk on how to get PR coverage for your brand and business that will give you easy, actionable steps you can start using today to get noticed. Even if you’re new to PR, this eBook… Read more »

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8 Reasons to be on Instagram NOW

8 Reasons to be on Instagram

You just figured out how to tweet. You spend your mornings responding to comments on Facebook. Your LinkedIn page is updated with a project you finished yesterday. You’re good, right? Well hang tight to your seat. There’s a (relatively) new kid in town and we think you should sit down, buckle in, and hear about… Read more »

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The Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started on Twitter

Beginners Guide to Getting Started on Twitter

Outside of being ready to turn in for the night by 9pm after I had kids, the single thing in life that has made me feel “old” is my intimidation at the prospect of getting started on Twitter. My retired parents have the “luxury” of being able to write it off as not worth their time, but many… Read more »

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