The Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started on Twitter

Beginners Guide to Getting Started on Twitter

Outside of being ready to turn in for the night by 9pm after I had kids, the single thing in life that has made me feel “old” is my intimidation at the prospect of getting started on Twitter. My retired parents have the “luxury” of being able to write it off as not worth their time, but many… Read more »

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Your Origin Story: Why The Icky Parts are Essential


Clients are often shocked when, after a lengthy interview, I write up their origin story and include the messy personal details. They want to leave out the disease, the divorce, the dieting. “I don’t want to be a sob story,” one client said to me. “I don’t want people to take pity on me,” another one said. I… Read more »

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9 LinkedIn Profile Tips for Small Business Owners


It’s easy to stay busy updating the flashier social media sites (think: Facebook, Twitter, etc). But as a professional promoting your small business, don’t neglect your LinkedIn profile! Along with showing your work to clients, your LinkedIn profile is also where you can develop strong networking contacts and build referral partners that will lead to more business. That’s worth a… Read more »

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The One Question All Small Business Owners Should Ask Themselves

There’s one question all small business owners should ask themselves – today and everyday. No matter if you’re just starting up or if you’ve been around for decades. No matter if you’re bootstrapping or if you’ve got pans full of cash. Even if you’re extremely successful, you need to ask yourself this. What is the one challenge… Read more »

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Three Ways to Grow Your Business With Hashtags

To hashtag or not to hashtag is not really even the question anymore. The questions are how? When? And How many? With a little guidance in that area, hashtags can be a powerful tool to promote your brand, engage your customers, and grow your business. Putting a hashtag (a word or phrase – without spaces… Read more »

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