The One Question All Small Business Owners Should Ask Themselves

There’s one question all small business owners should ask themselves – today and everyday. No matter if you’re just starting up or if you’ve been around for decades. No matter if you’re bootstrapping or if you’ve got pans full of cash. Even if you’re extremely successful, you need to ask yourself this. What is the one challenge… Read more »

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Three Ways to Grow Your Business With Hashtags

To hashtag or not to hashtag is not really even the question anymore. The questions are how? When? And How many? With a little guidance in that area, hashtags can be a powerful tool to promote your brand, engage your customers, and grow your business. Putting a hashtag (a word or phrase – without spaces… Read more »

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5 Tricks To Ace TV (and Video) Appearances


  I have been on TV enough to know how to ace a TV appearance – Good Morning America, NBC LA, and ABC Money Matters, among others I’m proud to say. I have picked up quite a few tips from being on television so many times and I’m telling you, it’s not brain science. It… Read more »

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Five Instagram Tips for Instant Success

As a small business owner, Instagram is a platform to showcase what exactly it is you create. Think about the last Instagram photo that made you take a second look. Did colorful stripes brighten up an artist’s blank canvas? Was it half-baked cookies, sliced and stacked along their crisp contours? What makes an Instagram account popular? Fascinating… Read more »

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9 Killer Ideas for Facebook Marketing Posts

9 Engaging Facebook Marketing Posts

Trying to increase your Facebook reach and ROI? A simple search for Facebook marketing tips can feel like learning to game an ever-changing system. And while there can be some satisfaction in crafting the “perfect post” for that elusive algorithm (links! Questions! Pictures of puppies!), sometimes it can even feel like you’re trying to game… Read more »

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