Books Worth Reading: Conquer the Chaos


Just finished reading Conquer the Chaos: How to Grow a Successful Small Business Without Going Crazy, by Clate Mask and Scott Martineau. Recommendation Level High Especially useful for Small biz owners who work long days in a chaotic environment but aren’t seeing the results they want – or dreamed of.

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How to Connect With Clients And Land New Business


I have the most amazing client meetings. We laugh, they talk, I listen. And by the end of a typical client meeting, I feel like I’ve started a relationship with a new friend. Now, I don’t have the charisma of Bill Clinton or Ronald Regan, but I am really, really good at connecting with people. Chalk… Read more »

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50 Questions That Create Great Stories

I love talking shop. Which is why I was thrilled SEO guru Ted Ives met me for coffee. I picked his brain about how he started his online marketing company, he asked me about PR and content strategy. We geeked out.

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Yes, I Won A Pulitzer

It’s true, I won a Pulitzer Prize. I was a cub reporter at the N.J. Star-Ledger in 2005 when we got word that Gov. James E. McGreevey was going to make an impromptu speech. So what? I didn’t cover state politics. I’d only been to the capitol, Trenton, once. But my editor insisted we all… Read more »

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