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7 Reasons Why You Need to Install Google Analytics NOW!

Reasons to Install Google Analytics

There are so many good reasons why taking the time to install Google Analytics code onto your website it is a good idea. Mainly – it will pay off with a boost to your top line. Why? Our top seven reasons why you need to install Google Analytics today. 1. Google Analytics is a free… Read more »

Keyword Research: How It Can Drive Mad Traffic to Your Website

How can learning a bit about keyword research drive mad traffic to your business and make you more profitable? Imagine you’ve just put the finishing touches on your business website, or you’ve polished a new blog post. You’re a rock star at what you do, and your future clients will be lucky they found you. But first, they have… Read more »

8 Non Technical Steps to Boost SEO: My Secrets


This post covers how to boost SEO (on the less technical, frontend side) without hiring someone to do it for you, although that’s a really good way to boost SEO quickly.

How to Have a More Secure Website: 4 Simple Steps

            Programs that crack your passwords? YES! Bots that take down your servers? YES! Spam comments that overload your site? YES! Have you ever questioned how secure your website really is? Even if your website doesn’t receive a lot of traffic, make money through advertising, or have an ecommerce platform,… Read more »