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What is a SWOT Analysis? And How to Use it to Edge Out the Competition

Having a clear business strategy is key and a SWOT analysis can deliver just that. If your strategy has taken a backseat a few years into your business, now’s the time for a refresh. Revitalizing your strategy and staying current could reveal new opportunities and help you strengthen your business. It can also help discover… Read more »

Master Mobile Marketing: 16 Tactics To Implement Today


If your customers have a mobile phone – I’m guessing that’s a big ol’ YES – then this blog post on mastering mobile marketing will give you more than a dozen tactics to get noticed online. This post organizes a slew of simple tips and advanced tactics from the excellent Next10x conference in Boston from March 2017,… Read more »

8 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer for Your Small Business

Professional photography

I know you’re wondering if you really need to hire a professional photographer for your small business. You’re thinking about that photo class you took in junior high. And smart phones do have pretty advanced cameras these days…. Nope. Just nope. A smartphone is great for casual, candid action shots, but when your brand really needs to shine, hiring a… Read more »

Five Time-saving Tools to Save Five Hours a Week

Aged hourglass with flowing sand

  I’ve never met an entrepreneur with extra time on their hands, and we here at ICM love time-saving tools. Every few minutes we can shave off of routine tasks means additional time available for building your business, spending with family, or recharging for another busy day. Here are five time-saving tools to save five… Read more »

How to Make Cold Calls Easy


What is the number one thing you hate doing? Is it cold calling? Our top nine tips to make cold calls easy.