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How to Capitalize on Media Coverage: 11 Steps

media coverage

  So you nabbed a little PR, and it’s a thrill to hear about your company on the radio, or read about it in the paper! But don’t stop there. Capitalize on your media coverage, so that you don’t lose out on the compounding value of that great, free press when it comes your way. Here… Read more »

How to Start an Influencer Marketing Campaign

influencer marketing campaign

Are you ready to start an influencer marketing campaign? Now that you’ve read part one of our series, on what influencer marketing is and why it’s worth your time, you’re sold! You know how top harness the power of popular people to make your marketing life easier and boost your brand while saving you time and money. But… Read more »

Influencer Marketing: What is it and Why is it Worth Your Time?

Google the term “social media trends,” and influencer marketing will be on nearly every top hit. It may sound fancy, but what is influencer marketing? It is a marketing strategy that leverages the popularity of “regular people” to drive a message to a larger audience. And why is influencer marketing worth your time and attention? Read… Read more »

Knowing When & How to Alert the Press: A Press Release Guide


In this post, we give away a lot of our public relations secrets, but also show how much work a PR Campaign is. A successful PR Campaign starts with a press release and ends with great coverage. Here at ICM we have a proven, refined process of planning and executing PR Campaigns, and we want to share… Read more »

The DIY PR eBook That Will Change Your Life


                      I’m thrilled to share my recent SOLD OUT #NIMRI talk on how to get PR coverage for your brand and business that will give you easy, actionable steps you can start using today to get noticed. Even if you’re new to PR, this eBook… Read more »