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Boost Your Social Media Profile With 4 New Instagram Features

Your Instagram business profile is set up, you’re posting regularly and engaging with followers… so what’s next? Keeping up to date with the latest Instagram trends and tools! New Instagram features continually offer fresh ways to reach target customers. The constant changes in social media keep us on our toes – and create opportunities to… Read more »

How to Start an Influencer Marketing Campaign

influencer marketing campaign

Are you ready to start an influencer marketing campaign? Now that you’ve read part one of our series, on what influencer marketing is and why it’s worth your time, you’re sold! You know how top harness the power of popular people to make your marketing life easier and boost your brand while saving you time and money. But… Read more »

Influencer Marketing: What is it and Why is it Worth Your Time?

Google the term “social media trends,” and influencer marketing will be on nearly every top hit. It may sound fancy, but what is influencer marketing? It is a marketing strategy that leverages the popularity of “regular people” to drive a message to a larger audience. And why is influencer marketing worth your time and attention? Read… Read more »

What Social Media Platform is best for your business?


How do you know which social media platform is right for you and your business? Having managed social media platforms for many clients, we know that spreading yourself too thin is not a good idea. Instead of being average on a lot of platforms, opt to be fabulous on just one. Then build from those… Read more »

What is a Hashtag + Five Hashtag Tools

If you’re new to social media, you’ve probably noticed the use of a pound symbol with words after it. These are hashtags! So are #hashtag #401love and #yum. The use of hashtags is a way to collect similar content and also to grow followers for your social media channels. How powerful is a Hashtag? Twitter’s own… Read more »